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Friday, July 21, 2006

[prunella's blog]

Meet Prunella P. Pistlethrot, sometime misanthrope, cataloguer of bad things, and a very dear friend of mine.

You might notice that her links look a lot like my links, which is because I helped her with her web design. But this is not a side project of yours truly. Oh, no. Prunella has a sharp and funny mind of her own — she writes glorious sentences like "Being Miss Poofy Blankeypoo doesn't really work for me" and "On a general scale of evil I'm going to rank them somewhere between hangnails and nice people you know, but whose names you can't remember" — and I look forward to reading more of her cranky views on the world.

Oh, and if anyone who knows her way around Photoshop wants to take that lovely picture of Prunella, sharpen it up and then email it back to me, that'd be much appreciated.



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