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Friday, September 07, 2007

[mattress purchased]

As an update on the mattress situation, I took the plunge and bought a Sealy Posturepedic something-or-other from Sears online for what seems to me a not insane price (Labor Day sale, comparison shopping, testing beds at Macy's, etc.). Of course, it's impossible to know whether the thing I bought cheap from Sears is or is not the same as the thing I tried out at Macy's, but what the hell. It appears to be flat and full of springs and I can sleep on it. And it's not one of those obnoxious pillow-top dealies, which inevitably wind up with divots. If I want cushions on top, I can put cushions on top. And then, when those cushions get compacted or stanky or whatever, I can take them off again, and replace the $30 foam instead of the $400 mattress. Genius.

It'll be delivered next Saturday, and I will sleep on it.

Oh, and thanks, Miriam, for the suggestion on an organic mattress. I would've considered it seriously if I hadn't already made my purchase, but now I just hope it's something I have absolutely no reason to think about for a very long time.



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